Campaign Finance Reform Needed

November 14, 2018

Editor: Well the midterms have come and gone. Who really won? It certainly wasn’t the voters no matter what your party. If you look at the obscene amount of money that was spent on the midterm elections compared to what the individual members of Congress and the Senate make, you see why so many people are turned off by the entire process. The average salary for a member of Congress and the Senate is $174,000. If you multiply that by the 535 members, you get total pay of $93 million. If you also want to factor in a quarter of their salary for benefits, that would increase their pay to a grand total of $116.25 million. Sounds like a lot of money? Well according to ABC News, the total spent by campaigns, parties and outside groups was a ridiculous $5.2 billion. The top three states where money was spent were Florida at $181 million, Missouri at $119 million and Texas at $107 million. Pennsylvania came in at around $63 million for two races that were pretty much over from the start. The McCain-Feingold Bill of 2002 was supposed to address this issue and it has clearly not worked and it is time for change in campaign finance reform. Until you limit the amount of money to be spent to $100 individual and $300 for business while eliminating PAC money and all the unnecessary attack ads from outside money, lobbyists and political groups, business as usual will continue. Time for the new Congress to address this issue once and for all. Matthew Burdett PITTSTON

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