Jamie Carothers: Arizona’s chance to make history

March 11, 2019

Editor: I believe in equal rights under the law as memorialized in our United States Supreme Court. I support a resolution in the state legislature for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). The ERA was first passed by Congress in 1972 and sent out to the states. To date, 37 of 38 states have ratified.

I also applaud those who are walking 38 miles starting Monday to support Arizona’s place in history, the 38th state to ratify the ERA.

Arizona was once a beacon for women’s rights. Women could vote in Arizona in 1912, and Rachael Berry from Apache County, was the first woman legislator elected in Arizona in 1914 before women in the rest of the country could even vote. Isabel Greenway was Arizona’s first congresswoman and only representative from 1933-1935. Arizona holds the record for the most women governors (four) and having women hold all state offices at the same time (1998). The first woman appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court was Sandra Day O’Connor, the first legislator to introduce the ERA in Arizona.

The ERA has enjoyed massive public support for decades. When the question was posed, “Do you think the Constitution should guarantee equal rights for men and women, or not?” Ninety-one percent agreed that the Constitution should contain a guarantee of equal rights between the sexes.

Arizona can make history and reclaim its place in the march toward equality by ratifying the ERA today and moving toward that day that all discrimination will end.

For equality.

Jamie Carothers

Lake Havasu City