Scott Walker: ‘Decent thing to do’ is stay quiet during Tony Evers transition

November 14, 2018

Republican Gov. Scott Walker says he has stayed quiet since his election loss to Democrat Tony Evers because it’s the “decent thing to do” during Evers’ transition into the governor’s office.

“At some point in the future I will talk to the press but it is only decent to let Governor-elect Evers have a week without me filling the airwaves,” Walker said in a Facebook post early Wednesday.

Aside from a few nonpolitical posts on social media, Walker has stayed quiet since he was narrowly defeated by Evers in Tuesday’s election. Walker, 51, has not signaled what is next for him after leaving office in January.

In the new Facebook post, Walker wrote that he has spoken with Evers and his own staff during the week since the election. He wrote that he also attended a memorial service in Milwaukee for community leader Jack McKeithan, attended the Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field and helped his mother move into a new apartment.

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