Building an experience at Red Ledges

May 26, 2019

Ask Red Ledges members why they chose the Heber Valley private club community and a few central themes emerge: friendly community, unpretentious luxury, fun outdoor activities and amazing mountain views are usually the first words off members’ tongues. But ask about the experience of building a home in the Park City region and the responses are more varied — folks are generally more interested in the fun aspects of having a property in the area, and “getting there” (the exercise of building a home/cottage/cabin) is not half the fun.

Red Ledges Homebuilding was created with that reality in mind. With the community experiencing a home construction boom (there are over 100 homes, cabins, cottages and villas in stages of construction in Red Ledges, joining over 200 completed structures in the community), long-time Fortune 500 CEO and Red Ledges founder Tony Burns tapped his relationships with the CEOs of top national homebuilders for insights on homebuilding operations. Key amongst the guidance Tony Burns received, was the mandate that finding the right leadership was crucial. It was thus a happy coincidence that Rex McGuire, who was overseeing the construction of a few thousand homes a year in California, was looking to leave the Golden State for the mountains of Utah.

“My children are going to school in local universities, so I knew the region,” notes McGuire, Red Ledges Homebuilding’s vice-president of operations. “I chose to come to Red Ledges because, quite honestly, the family environment that exists within the culture of Red Ledges.”

“Plus,” he adds, “being tasked with the responsibility to enhance what’s already a spectacular landscape is a challenge. But the strengths of our team, the experience of our partners and the quality and convenience we bring to the table makes Red Ledges Homebuilding an asset to the community.”

With a singular focus on exceeding the needs of Red Ledges members, Red Ledges Homebuilding was founded with five key pillars:

Best-in class resources.Streamlined, comprehensive process.Time and cost efficiency.Concierge service.Natural extension of Red Ledges.

More than a “one-stop shop,” Red Ledges Homebuilding has brought together some of the best resources in land planning and permitting, architecture, interior design and furnishing and nationally-recognized construction to create a seamless, efficient, and — dare we say — fun process. That process starts with the Red Ledges Homebuilding Design Studio, located in the offices of Red Ledges Realty across from the golf and tennis campus and clubhouse.

Developed in partnership with interior design firm Alder & Tweed and planning and materials resource Earth Elements, the Design Studio brings together insights, experience and efficiency with concierge-level service.

“Typically, when people were building a home, they would drive to Salt Lake and to go to five or six tile stores, three or four plumbing shops and the granite slab yards, but maybe ten percent of the stuff down there was worth seeing,” says Alder & Tweed’s Reed Humphrey. “We’ve brought that ten percent under one roof — we’ve done a lot of the legwork, so when a client comes in we can make that time really efficient.”

The team works to define the individual member’s goals and needs, while also tapping into the experience of the sales executives at Red Ledges Realty, who have represented hundreds of buyers in the community.

“They know the nuances of the topography, the views, the land and the regulations,” notes McGuire. “We all want to avoid surprises and revisions, and we can get to the best finished home by intimately knowing the landscape and the goals of the member.”

Red Ledges Homebuilding earned a great accolade when Ideal Living, the national real estate and lifestyle magazine that has helped thousands of vacation and retirement buyers find their dream property, chose a Red Ledges Homebuilding Cottage on Kings Peak as their national 2018 show home. “Ideal Living was excited to feature the Ideal Cottage in Red Ledges,” stated Kelly Godbey, the magazine’s editor-in-chief. “Red Ledges was chosen as it exemplifies the ideal lifestyle through its outstanding amenities, incredible views and stunning architecture.”

“We want to make sure that there’s overwhelming satisfaction with not just the home itself, but the entire experience — because the homeowners become our friends,” says McGuire. “We see them at the clubhouse, on the golf course, at the pool. And it’s just one big Red Ledges family, ultimately, so we begin with that end in mind.”

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