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A 17-year-old topless dancer who accused Dallas Cowboys offen

June 15, 1995

DALLAS (AP) _ A 17-year-old topless dancer who accused Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Erik Williams of raping her has reached a settlement and signed an affidavit asking authorities not to proceed with the criminal case, her attorney says.

``She has made it known that she does not wish to prosecute. She’s decided not to pursue the matter,″ attorney Charles Caperton said.

Collin County district attorney Tom O’Connell said Wednesday he saw a copy of the affidavit two weeks ago, but it won’t slow his efforts to seek a grand jury indictment of Williams and college friend Roderick Carson of Madison, Wis.

The men are charged in the alleged sexual assault of the woman at Williams’ home on April 13. They claim the girl willingly had sex with them.

``We want to make sure the system itself is not being used, or abused,″ O’Connell said. ``The criminal case is a matter for the grand jury, apart and separate from any civil considerations.″

The 17-year-old, based upon advice from her attorney and her therapist, signed the affidavit after the parties reached a civil settlement, Caperton said. Caperton declined to disclose details of the settlement.

Caperton said the fact she appeared before the grand jury Tuesday shows the girl isn’t ``a gold-digger.″

``If she had just wanted to take the settlement and run, she could have said `I’m not going to cooperate with you’ and gone to Canada. She didn’t do that,″ Caperton said.

Caperton said the young woman will continue to cooperate with the state’s case though she ``wants to get on with her life.″

``She has straightened herself up on her own and is looking forward to living a normal teen-ager’s life. She’s got a real chance,″ Caperton said.

Caperton said the woman has re-enrolled in high school after dropping out, has given up her life as a topless dancer and is undergoing counseling for personal problems, including use of alcohol.

The grand jury will reconvene Tuesday, when it’s expected to hear testimony from Williams’ teammates, Charles Haley and Leon Lett. O’Connell said he assured them they are not the focus of any investigation and his office will compel them to answer questions.

On Wednesday, Haley and Lett were given copies of questions they would be asked _ how often they had seen Williams with the girl, whether they had ever seen them in a sexual situation, and what the girl had told them about herself and her life.

Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin is scheduled to testify on June 27.

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