LONDON (AP) _ Prime Minister Tony Blair's sister, Sarah, was mugged while walking to her home in London's Islington district soon after getting off a bus, The Sunday Times reported.

Police confirmed the Nov. 11 attack, but Blair's Downing Street office refused to comment.

``Sarah Blair is a private person who has never sought publicity and has no desire to be in the public eye,'' said a Downing Street spokesman, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.

Miss Blair, 43, was returning home from her job as head of publishing at a London institute, the Association for Information Management, when a youth came up behind, pushed her to the ground and grabbed her blue cloth handbag, containing money, credit cards and a pager.

The youth escaped.

Blair's sister, the youngest of three siblings, and his older brother, Bill, 49, a lawyer, studiously avoid publicity.

The three Blairs all had homes in Islington, a trendy north London district, until Blair, 46, became prime minister and moved to Downing Street in May 1997.