Editorial: If you haven’t voted yet, please do

November 6, 2018

Sholten Singer/The Herald-Dispatch A voter exits the polling area as people wait in line at the Cabell County Clerks Office for the first day of early voting Oct. 24. Early voting was heavy this year as a number of races drew strong public interest.

Early voting is over. If you’ve cast your ballot already through early voting or by absentee, you can sit back and watch the fun and the long lines at the polling places on Tuesday. If you’re like some of us and still haven’t decided who you need to vote for, time is running out.

The debates are over. President Donald Trump has made his last appearance in West Virginia for this year to promote his favorite candidates. The electioneering ends today as on Tuesday the focus shifts to getting people to the polls and, in the evening, counting the ballots.

Locally, we have courthouse races to follow. Wayne County voters will decide the fate of a levy to support a countywide EMS system.

Statewide, it’s a matter of which party will control the Legislature and who will be elected to fill the seats of two state Supreme Court justices who resigned earlier this year.

And nationally, will the Republican Party continue to control both houses of Congress or will the Democratic Party take over one or both, throwing up a roadblock to President Donald Trump’s plans?

It all comes down to an accumulation of small advantages, and those advantages begin in the voting booth. This year as usual, The Herald-Dispatch editorial board developed a list of candidates its members believe are the best choices in various races. Few of them were unanimous; often there was debate.

Following is the list of candidates and ballot issues the editorial board decided to endorse:

U.S. Senate: Joe Manchin.

U.S. House of Representatives, 3rd District: Richard Ojeda.

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, Division I (to elect one): Joanna Tabit or Chris Wilkes.

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, Division II (to elect one): Jim Douglas or William Thompson.

State Senate, 5th District: Mike Woelfel.

House of Delegates, 16th District (to elect three): Sean Hornbuckle, Daniel Linville and John Mandt Jr.

House of Delegates, 17th District (to elect two): Chad Lovejoy and Matthew Rohrbach.

House of Delegates, 18th District: Evan Worrell.

House of Delegates, 19th District (to elect two): Ken Hicks and Robert M. Thompson.

Cabell County Commission: Kelli Sobonya.

Cabell County Clerk: Joe Powers.

Cabell County Magistrate: Mike McCarthy.

Amendment 1 (abortion): No.

Amendment 2 (Supreme Court budget): Yes.

There they are. The choices, as always, are up to voters. Please choose wisely.

If you want to have a voice in the decisions that will be made in the next few years, you must vote. If you are not already registered, then you have no voice this time around. If you are registered, good.

Choose wisely.

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