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BC-Entries Los Alamitos

May 3, 2019
By The Associated Press

1st_$8,000, mdn cl $3,500-$3,500, 3YO up F&M, 4f.<

Cali Sindy;123;Predominance;120
Inform Me;120;Princess Zenn;123
Lala Fleur;123;Valedictoriette;123

2nd_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3f.<

Separate Vows;124;Cuthroat;124
Favorite Mongoose;124;Stel Best Chance;124
Chickititas Favorite;124;Leonel Bugatti;124
Chris S Favorite;124;Baltas Babe;124

3rd_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3f.<

Furyofthehuracan;124;Malibu Moonflash;124
Sunshine N Tanlines;124;Rousing Freight;124
Eyell Be Back;124;Remembering Frosty;124
Kid Around;124;Lota Saturday;124

4th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3f.<

Hit It Quit It Nr;124;Hawks Valentine;124
The More I Drink;124;Gray Invader;124
Bo Times 9;124;A Political Spell;124
Ur My Chick;124

5th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3f.<

Dashing to Nola;124;Mental Error;124
Loose On Katella;124;Valiant Lota;124
Monarch 59;124;Pf Por Los Aires;124
Jessafamouslady;124;Apollitical B Girl;124

6th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3f.<

She Runs by You;124;Chayito Cartel;124
Corona Required;124;Divious Diva;124
Scoop There It Is;124;Coronas Moonflash;124
Cata Boy;124;Fleu de Coop;124

7th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3f.<

O Yes I Can;124;Cartel Jess Rockin;124
Secretary of Defense;124;Hellfire;124
Eye Sixes Eagle;124;My Diamond Foose;124
Tell Tac;124;Cm Singing the Blues;124

8th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3f.<

Dreaming in Secret;124;Diamond Rock;124
El Tiznado;124;Carolina Corona;124
Hold the Flash;124;High Plains Prize;124
A Dashing Delight;124;Fooses Babe;124

9th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3f.<

Lager Lady;124;Invader;124
Mister Tornado;124;My Favorite Candy;124
Prima Cartel;124;Corona Lake;124
Handsome Td;124;Foxys First Kiss;124

10th_$4,000, trl, 2YO, 3f.<

Dreams Divine;124;Spectacular Corona;124
Rhapsody En Blue;124;Thanks for That;124
Favorite Foose;124;La Vita Dolce;124
One Chick On First;124;El Angel Corona;124

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