TC Line: A Word to Motocross Enthusiasts

August 10, 2018

17th Avenue motocross

I’ve been hoping to get word somehow to the operators of the motocross on 17th Avenue. We have low-frequency and high-frequency motorcycle noises at most hours the day, during most days a week, but of course they can’t hear me.

Hard workers

We just had our roof replaced by six Spanish-speaking workers who arrived at 6 a.m. and finished at 8 p.m. They worked nonstop, did a first-rate job and cleaned up beautifully. They were respectful and quiet. They do this dangerous, difficult work six days a week. I don’t know of any Anglos who work this hard in this heat.

RTD tax

Fool me once, shame on RTD. Fool me twice, shame on Longmont. Any Longmont citizen who votes for the RTD proposed tax increase is indeed a fool’s fool.

Mile-Hi Skydiving

• I just got more curious about the complaints about Mile-Hi Skydiving. Apparently, none of the planes and the trains and the car traffic and any other noise like air conditioning, lawn mowers, none of that bothers any of these people — but just those planes from Mile-Hi Sky Diving. That’s interesting that their focus is that narrow, that nothing else bothers them except for those planes from Mile-Hi. Just makes me wonder.

• You go and enjoy those skydivers. I don’t even live by the airport. I’m 7 miles north. All I get to hear is the drone of the plane that drops the skydivers. You have no idea. I don’t complain about other stuff, but this airplane noise has been going on for way too long and disrupts too many people.

• My neighbors don’t mow their lawn every 20 or 30 minutes throughout the weekend, so no need to change my perspective. Everybody finds different things beautiful. I wouldn’t find skydivers particularly beautiful. No offense.

Space Force?

What in the world is our insane president doing now. Space Force? Come on, we’ve got ... little kids starving because they can’t get food, and we’re going to build a Space Force? This man has gone off his nut. All he wants us to do is look the other way so he doesn’t get caught being a Russian.

Trouble’s coming

Just a reminder folks: Part of the reason that second quarter economic expansion was so good is that China purchased unprecedented amounts of U.S. agricultural goods. They are prepared to hunker down and win this trade war. I have this awful, sinking feeling that our supply chains did not decide to purchase in large quantity. Instead, they pinned their hopes to Republicans in Congress being able to persuade Trump to reverse course. That’s not going to happen folks. Can you imagine the Black Friday if this continues to November? Republicans will be flushed by the bucketload down to commode.

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