You never know what you’ll get with pet names

September 1, 2018

“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.” -Samuel Butler

In the past names like Rover and Spot were commonplace for dogs as were Fluffy and Mittens for cats. However, as they say times are changing and so are pet names. Previously it was easy to tell if a person was talking about their pet because of the name but now you can never tell.

There were many different names within the list of 3000 plus animals licensed in 2017. Some of the more common names are Zoey, Toby, Sophia, Shadow, Bailey, Bandit, Bear, Chloe, and Daisy. There are many Dukes, Gingers, and Gizmos also. The most common names in Columbus are Bella, Cuddy, Charlie, Maggie, and Max.

Creativity does is not lacking with some of the citizens of Columbus when naming their pets. Some of the more unusual names are Batman, Baby Batman, Biggy Smalls, Bo Diddley, Buck Wheat, Bull Winkle, Gnaf, Bacon, Sugar Bear, and Sunnie Boo Boo. Surprisingly there are only three pets named Scooby in Columbus and one of them is a cat.

Many of the pets in Columbus has multiple names to go by. Some of them are Barnabee Bones, Alley Cat, Charlie Brown, Hazel Grace, Josie Bear, Kenny Bell, and Sophie Mae. Some of the Gods are covered by the pet names. Achilles, Apollo, Ares, Thor, and Zeus are the main ones. Another name that I am surprised is not more common is Marmaduke. Only one dog has that name in Columbus.

We have a few formally names pets. Those are Mr Cat, Mr Tibbles, Mrs Piper, and Ms Beasly. There is a Chihuahua names Chupacabra and a Mixed Breed named Shoeshine. There is a Dachsund named Lulu Free Bush and a German Shorthair Pointer named Willow Creek Gracie. I also found two pets with just letters as names. BG is a Beagle in town while there is a Terrier named ZZ.

Our Exotics in town also have creative names. There is a Tortoise names Franklin while another one is named Racer. We had two Chinchillas names Bruce Wayne and Steve Rogers. We also had a Hedgehog named Steve. There was a bird named Mouthy and a snake named Klayton. I have seen a three-legged pet be named Yardstick and tripod. There is even a cat named K9 in town.

Creativity is always a good thing. Sometimes the pet names might make me chuckle but they really can brighten up a person’s day.

Shawn Flowers is the lead animal control office for Columbus Animal Control.

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