Letters To The Editor 11/30/2018

November 30, 2018


We deserve better

Editor: Recent events have revealed no decline in the propensity of our bigly president to show that craven is an art form, mediocrity is praiseworthy and vilification of a woman for using a personal email server to send confidential government information is an inappropriate action when applied to his family members.

The recent selection of posthumous Medal of Freedom recipients reveals the true character of our president. There were no black people and all were populist cult lions. There were and are eminently suitable American celebrities who could have merited inclusion, including athlete Jessie Owens and singer and actor Paul Robeson, but such benevolence would not meet with the approval of the leader’s base.

Living military personnel seem to merit scant regard from President Trump. Dead ones get even less. His avoidance recently of the ceremony at the graves of U.S. soldiers killed during World War I in France was outrageous. His appalling excuse about making important phone calls to explain his absence from Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans Day was offensive.

The old saying that a country gets the leaders it deserves is not true anymore.




Disgrace continues

Editor: I feel sad about the future of America.

President Trump recently said on TV that he was thankful for himself. Who does that?

If you work for him and do not swear loyalty to Trump you are history. His favorite people seem to be dictators. They should start a club, or maybe they already have.

He says he wants to show strength, but his actions are that of a coward — for example, not holding Saudi Arabia responsible for the murder of a journalist. Trump wants to silence the news media so we will not realize what he and his lackeys have done until it is too late.

He separates children from their parents at the border, deports the parents and keeps the children in cages because he never had a plan. These innocent children’s minds and lives will be changed forever by his lack of empathy.

He cut and dropped regulations for the Environmental Protection Agency, because to him it is more important to make money than to be able to drink the water, breathe the air or worry about how many creatures will become extinct. How about his take on climate change? He told people in California whose homes were destroyed by fires that killed some of their neighbors that they could have raked the forest so it would not burn.

I guess he did not think about the fact that it has not rained regularly for years there, or about places that suffered from flooding because of too much rain. He also stated on Thanksgiving that because it was cold and snowing it disproved global warming.

I pray every night that good will triumph over evil. It is our only hope.




Don’t arm teachers

Editor: Two recent shooting incidents have prompted me to write out of concern about potentially arming teachers in schools.

■ A black security guard in Illinois, legally armed, was shot by police while he was trying to do his job and subdue a man who was threatening clients where he worked. This was a case of a snap judgment by the police officer who shot him.

■ A 21-year-old black man also was legally armed when he was shot by police in a mall in Alabama. He was carrying a gun and running away along with others from a shooting rampage and the shooter remains at large. This was another case of an officer acting very quickly when he saw a man with a gun.

Now, picture an active shooter in a school where some teachers are armed; some of them could be teachers of color. Police arrive and see several armed people. Is an officer going to make a snap decision that turns out to be horribly wrong? Think of the trauma students would experience if one of their teachers were shot by police.

I am a hunter calling for sane gun safety laws.



Fake news ruse

Editor: Could some Trump supporter please provide specific examples of supposed fake news?

President Trump goes on and on about fake news and never offers one example of what he says is fake. I have asked Trump supporters many times for examples and never have I received a single response. People in the news media receive death threats and hate mail solely because of Trump’s words. These actions are not justified no matter what someone believes.

The lies from Trump and conservative media, especially one news outlet, endanger the lives of many citizens. The lies and misrepresentations are not made by mainstream media. They are made by Trump and conservative media. Hopefully, our democracy is stronger than their vile words.




Barletta stranded

Editor: I was struck by how strange it was in the final days of the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race that President Trump did not make one late visit to our state to stump for Republican Rep. Lou Barletta of Hazleton.

Trump was all over the country — Montana, Nevada, Florida, Missouri, Georgia and Florida, again to stump for Republicans, but did not make one late visit to Pennsylvania to back up Barletta. Barletta’s decision to give up a probable re-election to the House likely came at Trump’s urging to take on Sen. Bob Casey. Trump showed up early in the campaign, but by the final days obviously had written off Barletta. Casey won in a walk, too.

Even as he made illegal immigration his final scare tactic, an issue which Barletta rode from Hazleton to the House, Trump didn’t have time to stop and help a rabid supporter. I wonder what Barletta thinks of the president now.

Or maybe he’ll finally get that Cabinet job he was self-promoting for two years ago.



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