Plenty of room in McCabe’s pool -- Sheila Plotkin

July 30, 2018

American politics has become a swamp filled with greedy, hungry crocodiles.

Some candidates decry the status quo until they decide to run. Then, they jump into the swamp where it’s prey or play. Few have spent their adult lives digging a new pool, free of crocodiles.

Mike McCabe has been digging his pool for a long time. His 15-year tenure as director of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign taught him how much democracy those voracious crocs can eat. Rather than jumping in with them, and dragging voters along while casting principles aside, McCabe is trying something different.

He’s inviting us to try out his pool. It has plenty of room for the disaffected, the realist, the idealist and the rest of us who simply want a government that works for us. It has room for Republicans, independents, Democrats and the politically homeless. There are even locker rooms where extremists are welcome to change before they dive in.

McCabe’s pool opens Aug. 14. The price of admission is your vote for a few powerful ideas. There is another way to do politics. Democracy can be revived. Divide and conquer can be overwhelmed by unify and empower.

There will be no crocodiles.

Sheila Plotkin, West Bend

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