Travel tip: Extra clothes a must when flying with a toddler

August 3, 2018

Pack extra clothes and shoes in your carry-on when flying with a toddler.

Diapers, wet wipes, snacks, binky, blankie and toys -- just a few of the indispensable items on your “flying with a toddler” checklist.

Even though your carry-on is probably ready to burst, here are a few other things to cram in, according to advice from babycenter.com:

-- At least a couple of extra outfits for the little one (accidents do happen)

-- Extra shoes and socks (see above)

-- An extra outfit for yourself (see above)

-- A supply of plastic bags for storing all that soiled clothing (again, see above).

While you’re at it, dark colors, patterns and denim all provide good camouflage for dirt and stains.

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