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Baby to Have Six Parents in Unusual Surrogate Plan

August 2, 1993

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ When John and Jo-Lynne Seeger’s daughter is born in September, her future sister will be her mother. And her birth mother’s father will be her adoptive father.

Altogether, she will have six parents.

″It’s a little bit like an ‘I’m my own grandpa’ kind of thing,″ John Seeger said.

The unusual adoption-surrogate arrangement appears to be the first of its kind, according to fertility expert Dr. Ricardo Asch, a professor and director of the infertility program at the University of California, Irvine, who keeps tabs on developments in the field worldwide.

Nearly two years ago the Seegers, who couldn’t have a child of their own, adopted a baby boy, Nathaniel. The Huntington Beach couple set out to adopt another child and wanted the child to have the same genetic parents as Nathaniel. That way, they reasoned, the two children would have similar traits and a common background.

The birth parents, who are unmarried and live in different states, declined to conceive a second child but offered to donate eggs and sperm. But while embryos could be conceived in a laboratory, Jo-Lynne was unable to carry them to term.

That’s when John Seeger’s adult daughter from a previous marriage, Jolene Stone, 30, of Salmon, Idaho, volunteered to be the baby’s surrogate mother.

Stone, a mother of five and stepmother of two, will give birth to her future adoptive sister in early September.

Technically, Stone will be the baby’s legal mother when she is born. Stone’s husband, David, will be the baby’s legal father. The Seegers will then adopt her, shifting the family’s relationships.

Stone will then become the child’s half-sister. Jo-Lynne, 42, and John, 53, will become her parents.

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