Cheat Day Land

November 6, 2018

The Cheat Day Land pop-up museum in downtown Los Angeles celebrates indulgent food, like donuts and chocolate, with interactive rooms and art displays.

There are 15 rooms focused on cheat meals, with food art that you can climb and jump on, slide down and walk through as you explore the space.

Because it’s in L.A., however -- home of the cayenne pepper cleanse and the seaweed body wrap -- of course, you can’t eat any of it.

“The best part of Cheat Day Land is where you can come and be a kid at heart in such a colorful, inspiring and interactive experience here that you can enjoy with friends and family,” said Thespina Patronas, director of business development for the museum.

The museum’s founder and creative director Rubi Rymenmy came up with the idea after being inspired by interactive exhibits in Japan.

The exhibit is open in Los Angeles until mid-February 2019 before relocating to Orange County, according to Patronas. A ticket costs $38.

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