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Strip-Tease Shows at Taiwanese Weddings Irk Lawmakers

October 18, 1995

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) _ At a Taiwanese wedding, it’s frequently not the bride who’s blushing _ it’s guests who get flustered by the tradition of having a strip-tease show as part of the festivities.

The government says weddings should be more modest and frugal. But the police are said to be reluctant to take action, lest they be seen as killjoys.

The issue came up at the Taiwan Provincial Assembly on Tuesday when legislators examined government expenditure on seminars to promote ``correct″ weddings and funerals in rural areas, where strip-tease shows are most common.

The session turned into a sharing of embarrassing moments.

Lawmaker Su Wen-hsiung said he had to look aside at a wedding banquet when a strip-tease show started up as he was delivering his toast to the newlyweds.

Liu Shu-cheng said a woman danced up to his table at a banquet and unfurled her mink coat, which turned out to be all she had on. ``I was so embarrassed because there were children at the table,″ he told the assembly.

The government says weddings with strip shows are on the decline, but ``Changing old customs takes time,″ said Lai Cheng-hsien, the official in charge of religion and culture in the Taiwan Provincial Assembly.

``Many parents of newlyweds are willing to spend any amount of money just to make their guests happy,″ he said in an interview.

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