Top 5 baits for catfish in Arizona

May 26, 2019

Let’s talk catfish baits! They’re usually stinky and oily, and may require special methods to hook and keep from peeling or oozing away. Love ’em or hate ’em, it what works.

Time to pick a lethal bait. These all have a strong scent of some sort, some are even tasty to humans — and all have a long record of catching catfish in Arizona.

Here, then, are our top-5 best baits to catch these channel catfish (that we’re willing to share … )

5. Marshmallows: Mmm … marshmallows. Can you blame catfish for wanting to chomp one of these sweet, beautiful, poofy globs? Just smash a big marshmallow on a No. 2-4 hook and hang on. Yet another catfish bait that also makes for a good human snack.

4. Anchovies/sardines: An age-old bait for catching fish just about anywhere. Keep ’em frozen and stick a piece on a No. 2 baitholder hook. Available in many surplus stores and tackle shops.

3. Stink bait in a tube: Stuff some catfish stink bait — and there are many effective brands — in a baitholder tube and you’ve got a secure rig sure to stir up some catfish action.

2. Shrimp: Pick up some frozen, uncooked shrimp and put one on a No. 2-4 baitholder hook. Keep ’em frozen in an ice chest while fishing. If you’re like us, you might even want to saute up some of your bait — yep, the shrimp — with your freshly caught catfish.

1. Hot dogs: This is no secret, and it still tops our list. Cheap and effective, a thumbnail-sized piece fits comfortably on a size 1/0, 1 or 2 baitholder hook. Cut a frozen thumbnail-sized piece in half, hook the piece through one side, turn the hook around, and hook the point back through the skin of the dog.

So what’d we miss? Chicken livers? Cut bait? Good ol’ worms?

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