Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. (OTCMarkets: ATHC) Mid-year Review

June 8, 2018

New York, New York, June 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Shareholders controlling a majority of the voting common stock approved a name change from Phantom Fiber Corp. to Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. (the stock symbol is ATHC); a 29 to 1 reverse stock split and the appointment of a seasoned management team (2017).

The Company has secured facilities at 623 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York and has engaged a securities attorney to complete the execution of an S-1 Registration Statement to the Securities & Exchange Commission (“SEC”), which the Company anticipates filing during 2018.

Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp. has achieved uplift of ATHC’s trading medium from OTCMarkets “STOP SIGN” to OTCMarkets “CURRENT INFORMATION” and subsequently intends to engage an accounting/auditing firm to complete the execution of an S-1 Registration Statement to the SEC. The Company, once qualified, intends to pursue a possible uplift from OTCMarkets, potentially providing greater visibility and liquidity for ATHC shareholders. The Company intends to commence equity financing raising up to $20,000,000 to execute upcoming initiatives.

In addition, Accelerated Technologies has launched wholly owned subsidiary FinBridge Holdings Corp. (FBH), the funders’ funder. Which has entered into a transaction with Denville Kia. FBH is launching disruptive algorithms and technologies in the Alternative Lending sector. FBH intends to provide capital to other alternative funding institutions and lenders. The financing will range from $250,000 to $5,000,000 per transaction. FBH initiated initial efforts to raise up to $100,000,000 for this venture.

The 2018 scheduled Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s), Token Generated Events (TGE’s) and Cryptocurrencies to be launched by Accelerated Technologies Holdings Corp. will be IconXchange (IXC) focused on sports and entertainment and Xstream Corp. (XSR), a Reality Gaming Social Engagement Network. The offerings have been postponed until Q4 due in effort by ATHC to become one of the few ICO offering organizations in the United States which conform to current securities laws and regulations.

Accelerated Technologies implemented Business Intelligence and Data Visualization protocols. The division lead by Alex Lemberg will provide us with the ability to visualize and leverage data in real-time. These processes and dashboards will provide unprecedented transparency to our investors and management teams across all of our companies and initiatives. This will furthermore enable all our current and future efforts to take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities with the ability to make decisions based on unparalleled access to leverage big data.

Currently ATHC and its subsidiaries are engaging a support staff of seasoned executives, consultants and advisors which range from 15-25 members based on pipeline and workload. The current team manages responsibilities covering cyber security, Blockchain, cryptocurrency, platform developments, raising capital, legal, accounting, compliance, regulatory and operational transparencies. To keep apprised of our developments and most current information, please visit the Company website, submit your contact information in the Investor Section.

Thank you to our shareholders, new investors, our customers, our employees and our fellow Directors, for your continued support. We are incredibly proud of what our organization stands for and what we have delivered, but we are even more excited for what the future holds for Accelerated Technologies.

We see abundant opportunities for both this year and the long term. Although we still have a lot of hard work ahead, our products and ideas are generating excitement. When we pause to reflect on how far we’ve come over the past several months and how much further we’ll go in the years to come, I couldn’t be more excited and optimistic.

As always, thank you for your support.

Kevin H. Kading, PresidentFor more information visit www.athcorp.com or contact Kevin H. Kading at KKading@athcorp.com

Company Website: www.athcorp.com Legal: Steven Sisking

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