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Microsoft Sues 10 Firms for Piracy

March 3, 1999

CHICAGO (AP) _ Microsoft Corp. expanded its national crackdown against software piracy by filing separate federal lawsuits against 10 Chicago-area companies, accusing them of selling counterfeit Windows software to consumers and businesses.

The software giant, based in Redmond, Wash., has filed hundreds of similar lawsuits against companies in other states in recent years, but the latest actions were its first in Illinois.

Microsoft seeks an injunction to stop the alleged practice, as well as damages. Microsoft attorney Nancy Anderson said Tuesday the 10 companies continued to sell pirated copies of Microsoft products despite its repeated warnings.

The companies named in the suits filed Monday are: Advanced Computer Systems, Computer Marketing Technology, Computer Plus, EOS Technologies, FosTec Computers, Lion Computer, Logical Choice Computers, Risk Free Disks, United Comtec and Worldwide PC Source.

Eight of the companies are accused of distributing counterfeit copies of software, including Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT. Two of the companies are accused of installing pirated software in computers and selling them to customers.

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