Mrs. Claus makes Christmas magical at annual story time

December 7, 2018

The weather was warm Tuesday afternoon, but the reception children gave Mrs. Santa Claus when she stopped in Aiken for her annual story time was even warmer.

More than 100 children, sitting cross-legged on the floor or in their mom’s laps, applauded when Mrs. Claus, crowned with a wreath of holly on her head, entered the room at the H. Odell Weeks Activities Center to the jingle of jingle bells.

“It’s warm in South Carolina,” Mrs. Claus said about her visit to the balmy South from the frozen North Pole.

Several of Santa’s helpers – Glitter, Bubbles and Teenie, among other elves – followed close behind Mrs. Claus. One wore curly-toed boots, and a couple showed their pointed elf ears peeking through their hoods.

Removing her red velvet cape trimmed with thick, white fur, Mrs. Claus, just like her husband on Christmas Eve, set straight to her work, reading stories, singing songs and even answering questions, giving the children special, personal information about Santa’s life at the North Pole.

“How old is Santa?” one child asked.

“The last time we celebrated his birthday, he was 763,” Mrs. Claus said. “That’s pretty old, isn’t it? That’s a lot older than anyone you know.”

Mrs. Claus had questions for Santa’s elves, too, asking Jingle Belle her favorite Christmas song.

“Jingle Bells, of course,” Jingle said.

Mrs. Claus showed, too, that like her husband, she can make Christmas magic. With help from Santa’s elves, she grew and grew and grew a peppermint stick until it was long enough to feed every elf.

To end her visit, Mrs. Claus invited the very best readers to read “Eloise Decorates for Christmas,” by Kay Thompson, with her.

And as Mrs. Claus’ Christmas gift to all the children, each got a copy of the book to take home.

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