City considering tightening animal code

October 4, 2018

DIXON – The City Council is considering updating its animal code after receiving several complaints about a resident housing a cow, donkey and pony together in a small yard.

The city’s ordinance doesn’t specifically prohibit many animals but generally doesn’t allow for those that are especially noisy, like crowing roosters, or dangerous.

Residents can’t have swine within city limits with exception to having up to three Vietnamese potbellied pigs if they are enclosed and follow other rules in the code.

Mayor Li Arellano Jr. estimated that about 90 percent of the city’s animal complaints are about the resident, but said officials might be able to enforce violations against the existing code, such as the requirement that animals be kept 20 feet from any dwelling.

They should take care not to be too restrictive if they change the code, so it doesn’t negatively affect residents who house animals, such as goats, correctly without concerns or complaints.

Councilman Dennis Considine said they need to be more proactive at updating their codes instead of waiting for an incident to prompt change.

The animal code, last updated in 1950, likely will go to the council for review at its next meeting Oct. 15.

Dogs are covered under their own ordinance.

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