Holiday weekend brings out many to enjoy a day at the river

May 27, 2019

BULLHEAD CITY — The wind didn’t bother all who spent Sunday along the Colorado River.

Birds were struggling to swim and fly in wind gusts of up to 40 mph, but most humans were OK.

Mike Kennedy and Marissa Reiss of Bullhead City spent time on the beach at Rotary Park with Carmine Kennedy and Michelle Kennedy, who were visiting from Southern California.

“I thought it was going to be crazy here,” Reiss said as she sat in a beach chair and looked out toward the water. “We got here at about 10. It was just us for a while.”

Carmine and Michelle Kennedy had a raft tied to a tree and used it to float in the river early on. Carmine Kennedy was standing in water when the wind blew in and watercraft began roaring past. He finally stepped back onto the shore.

Reiss and Michelle Kennedy pointed out that a day spent near the water anywhere in California would require paying for parking and facing large crowds. Reiss and Mike Kennedy moved here from Orange County at the beginning of this year.

They live near Rotary Park and try to spend plenty of time there.

Mike Kennedy talked about an evening trip to the park. A walk near the river ended up with him nearly hip-deep in water.

“We love it here,” Reiss said.

Mike Kennedy agreed with his partner.

Nearby, on an area at Rotary Park with covered benches, was a group from River Chapel Assembly of God. Church members were having their annual picnic. Previous years included a baptism service in the river but none were scheduled this year, said Pastor Bruce Rahlf.

“We usually do it after we eat,” Rahlf said. “Last year we baptized eight or 10 people in the river.”

Others in the park have watched past services and boaters even would stop until the baptisms were over, he said.

“It’s normally 100 degrees or better at this point,” Rahlf observed. “That’s why we’re enjoying these cooler temperatures.”

Church members were playing outdoor games or just chatting.

A couple of young men were near the picnic area tossing a football.

Some snowbirds walked along the water Sunday. The Nickersons — Terry and Joann — are from Indiana but decided to stay here a little longer than usual this year.

Terry Nickerson is receiving treatment in Kingman for alpha-1 antitrypsin, an inherited deficiency disorder that can cause lung and liver disease.

He walks sometimes up to 15 miles a day. Staying active and healthy is an important way to help keep his health under control because the disease is incurable, he said.

“We enjoy Bullhead,” said Joann Nickerson.

There’s no heavy wind in the forecast today. The predicted high temperature will be 82 degrees and sunny, according to the National Weather Service.

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