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Officials: Girl stabs boy with scissors after science class

September 21, 2018

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — An eighth-grade girl stabbed a 13-year-old boy in the abdomen with scissors after an altercation in science class Friday, police and school district officials said.

The boy is in stable condition at a hospital.

The stabbing happened as students were transitioning to their next class just before 11 a.m. at the William Dick School, said Lee Whack, a spokesman for the School District of Philadelphia. The students had an altercation during science class, but the teacher de-escalated it and thought it was resolved, he said. The school in north Philadelphia serves students from kindergarten to eighth grade.

The girl has been arrested and the weapon was recovered, according to police. No details on the charges were released.

A student in the same class tells WPVI-TV that he heard the two arguing earlier and then saw the girl stab the boy as they were about to change classes.

He said he and other students helped take the boy to the office, and as they walked the blood started to come through the child’s shirt.

A steady stream of parents arrived by mid-afternoon to take their children home early, though school remained in session.

Parent Angelica Gonzalez told the Philadelphia Inquirer that she saw a line of police cars outside her daughters’ school and had no idea what was happening but hurried over.

When she heard that a student had been stabbed inside, she said “Oh my God,” and added “We’re moving — next year.”

Gonzalez said that before Friday, she was happy with the school, where her three daughters — in kindergarten, first and third grades — have good teachers and are learning a lot.

Jayanah Gonzalez, 6, told the Inquirer that she knew something was wrong.

“I heard helicopters, and my teacher saw the ambulance,” she said. “She opened her mouth wide when she saw it, because she was surprised.”

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