Orchids and Onions: Tuesday, July 31, 2018

August 1, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Leann at Walgreens. I was last in line. She treated each of those in front of me as if they were the only ones there. Polite, caring and very professional. Walgreens should be proud. Ranger Terry

Orchids to Mike, Janet, and Jim at HavaRod for doing great work on Miss Daisy (’52 Oldsmobile). She’s back on the road and smiling.

Onions to the employer who can’t see who the real problem is. While managing a four-person department, you’ve gone through five different people in two years. That says who the problem is; who’s the common denominator here?

Onions to drive-thrus. Joe Pesci was right.

Orchids to knowing the difference between a nice and mean comment. It’s odd that the same few day after day seem to know where to shop and where to eat the cheapest food . Gosh, get a life.

Orchids to the police officer stopping me to tell me to slow down in 25mph zone. I will! Now, please police S. McCulloch/Buena Vista area, especially big trucks 7 to 8 a.m. 45 in 35 mph, if not more Mon-Fri.

Onions to the City, Planning Department, etc. for approving such an ugly box of architecture. You should be ashamed! It does not belong by our bridge.

Orchids to the gentleman in IHOP on Saturday who paid our bill. I was having lunch with my 92 year old mother-in-law and a friend. Your kindness took us by surprise and renewed our faith. I’ll pay it forward.

Orchids to Karl in the meat department at Smith’s. Makes my weekly shopping a pleasure. I look forward to a few words from him plus great service and meat! The Wednesday Chicken and Hamburger Lady

Onions to the “provider” who increased prices by over 20 percent and cut download speeds to less than 20 percent of what I’m paying for, making streaming impossible.

Onions to charging $5 for a cup of water! Yes we were paying customers and bought snacks. We just don’t drink soda. Its 120 degrees outside!

Orchids to Officer McCabe for removing the rattlesnake from my front yard. He was very prompt and professional. I appreciate our law enforcement.

Onions to my server telling the whole dining room I was using a coupon. That was humiliating. I could have crawled under a table. Have a little couth next time and speak far more quietly.

Orchids to Catching Air A/C. Reliable, quick emergency service, knowledgeable and fair. Cinnamon

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