NAGANO, Japan (AP) _ Dutch speedskater Erben Wennemars was carried off the M-Wave ice on a stretcher after another skater crashed into him coming off the final turn in the 500-meter Olympic race Tuesday.

Grunde Njos of Norway lost his balance as he surged past Wennemars and slid under the feet of the Dutchman. Wennemars flipped into the padding, his upper left arm smashing into the ice beneath the wall.

Wennemars, tied for fifth after the first day of 500 competition, grabbed his elbow and screamed. His skates were removed and he was taken off on a stretcher, with medical personnel holding his left arm straight.

Wennemars also was scheduled to skate the 1,000 and 1,500 races at Nagano. It was not immediately known how seriously he was injured.