Barbara Hultgren: An open letter to the younger generation

September 16, 2018

To the younger generation:

I would like to express my heartfelt and sincere apology for the political mess my generation is leaving you.

Did you graduated from college with a huge debt? Hopefully you can find a job that will allow you to spend a large part of your future paying for your education.

Are you unable to afford a house or car? Consider the benefits. Shoveling snow is not fun and my generation has not financed much of the infrastructure anyway so you probably don’t want to be driving on those crumbling roads and collapsing bridges.

Worried about health insurance? The federal government is considering selling low premium policies. Possibly you could afford one of those. Try not to get sick or have a medical emergency or you might learn your policy doesn’t cover much of anything.

Don’t concern yourself over the rollback of the clean air and clean water regulations. Who cares about dumping coal ash into our streams or breathing silica sand mining dust? It might not bother you too much in the short term.

Perhaps one day you will win the Powerball and then you will be grateful we keep lowering taxes for millionaires. As billionaire Leona Helmsley said: “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” Google her.

And then there is the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Rule of Law, the Separation of Powers and all that First Amendment stuff that has become so bothersome. Can you believe those founding fathers are still trying to tell us what to do?

One more thing: My generation did not want to cramp our lifestyle too much so we left the national debt to you and it just topped $21 trillion last March. Oh well, most of us can’t even count that high. Don’t sweat the debt! A few years ago (2016, when we owed $19 trillion) during an interview with the Washington Post, then-presidential candidate Donald Trump said he could get rid of the debt over a period of eight years.

Nov. 6 is the election.

Barbara Hultgren, Winona

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