Dustin Manwaring- A Man for the Times

October 4, 2018

I met and befriended Dustin a number of years ago. I needed quality advice, and someone that clearly took the high ground on tough moral issues. That’s Dustin, without a doubt! Since that time, Dustin has joined me on the board of directors of Lillian Vallely School (lvschool.org) – a non-profit elementary school explicitly for Native children, grades K through 5th. He understands that part of any person’s community responsibility is to give back to causes that matter. Becoming involved with these reservation children is a passion for Dustin. Despite his immensely crowded calendar, he gives selflessly to the school and to the children. Dustin is totally community minded and involved.

As is so obvious to any aware voter, being a politician in this day and age is riddled with obstacles and land mines. Only principled individuals can survive while representing his constituents in the best way possible. We need politicians with common sense and a moral compass, particularly in our local districts, because that’s where the “rubber meets the road.”. Patience, level-headedness and boldness are also necessary elements for political success. There are so few of these individuals in politics and government. So when you find one – stick with him! Dustin Manwaring is one of these exceptional people. The 29th District is so very lucky to have him as your representative to the State Legislature. I hope you plan to put him back there!

R. Lee Hammett

President, Lillian Vallely School,


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