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Md. Suspect Agrees To Stand Trial

March 2, 1998

JERUSALEM (AP) _ A suspect in a grisly Maryland murder agreed today to return to the United States to stand trial if allowed to serve his sentence in Israel, his lawyer said.

U.S. prosecutors said they needed more time to study the matter.

The suspect, 17-year-old Samuel Sheinbein, fled to Israel in September, shortly after the dismemberment killing of an acquaintance, Alfred Tello Jr.

Sheinbein has been fighting extradition to the United States where he has been indicted in the Tello killing, along with another Maryland teen-ager.

John McCarthy, the deputy state attorney for Montgomery County, Md., said more time was needed to study the compromise, which was proposed last week by an Israeli judge. ``There are lots of unresolved issues,″ McCarthy told reporters today.

Under the proposed deal, Sheinbein would return to Maryland voluntarily to stand trial but would be allowed to serve his sentence in Israel, whose prisons are considered less dangerous and violent than those in the United States.

Sheinbein’s lawyer, David Libai, said his client was ready to drop his fight against extradition under certain conditions.

``We agree to the proposal of the judge, that is to say that the boy will be tried in the state of Maryland and immediately after trial will return to serve his punishment in Israel,″ Libai said.

Libai said his client also wanted assurances that ``his maximum sentence, if convicted, will be life imprisonment, not capital punishment.″

If the compromise is not accepted by all sides, legal proceedings on the matter likely would take months, if not years.

Sheinbein says he is an Israeli citizen because his father has an Israeli passport. Under Israeli law, citizens cannot be sent abroad to stand trial.

Israel’s Justice Ministry has argued Sheinbein can be extradited because there is doubt about his citizensh


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