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World Population To Hit 8B in 2026

April 2, 1999

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The world’s population, currently nearing 6 billion, will climb to 8 billion by 2026, the Census Bureau reports.

And the total will reach 9.3 billion by 2050, the agency projected in a report released Friday.

``The growth of human population has been, is now, and in the future will be almost entirely determined in the world’s less developed countries,″ the Census report said.

It concluded that 99 percent of natural increase _ the difference between births and deaths _ occurs in the developing regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America.

By early in the next century deaths will exceed births in the more developed nations and all of the net growth will be in developing countries, the report added.

The world’s age structure also will shift, becoming progressively older, in coming years with the population of those aged 65 and over more than doubling while the number of those under age 15 will grow by 6 percent.

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