Baraboo massage studio a sister act

February 15, 2019

Two Baraboo sisters have a special connection they’d like to share with you.

Patti VanHuss and Loretta LoMastro own Joint Effects downtown, where they specialize in therapeutic tandem massage. They work on clients simultaneously because they’ve found the tandem approach yields unparalleled results.

“The work we do is very transformational,” LoMastro said. “That’s the beauty and uniqueness of it.”

Both came from health care backgrounds before undergoing massage therapy training. They quickly noticed they worked well together, displaying a chemistry that helped them identify and address clients’ physical ailments.

“It felt right to us,” VanHuss said.

They launched Joint Effects in 2007, making “house calls” to clients. They opened a studio in West Baraboo the next year, incorporating modalities such as craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, reiki and energy work.

Three years ago they moved Joint Effects to Oak Street, where they rent from their neighbors, John and Jeff McNabb of the Kut Hut. The sisters conduct an extensive pre-therapy intake procedure, speaking with clients for up to an hour before inviting them onto the table. Rather than operating from a checklist, they let the clients’ words and bodies dictate treatment.

“The work that we do is not choreographed,” VanHuss said. “All our sessions are intuitively led. We read the tissue and let the body show us what’s necessary.”

They consider themselves conduits for healing energy, with the client playing a crucial role. They help the body heal by resetting itself. Their double-team approach allows them to confuse a client’s brain and establish new thought processes.

“It’s not something you feel for the day,” LoMastro said. “We’ve had people walk out and no longer have the issue they’ve had for 10, 15 years.”

Their client roster has grown via referrals from physical therapists, homeopathic physicians and fellow massage therapists, many of whom are clients themselves. The sisters seldom work solo because they believe in tandem work’s results. “It’s so much more beneficial,” LoMastro said. “The results are just tenfold.”

Last year they became certified in healing hypnosis, helping patients achieve wellness by delving deep into the recesses of their minds. “It’s the same end result, just taking a different path,” VanHuss said.

The sisters work by appointment, and also take their healing hands off-site to workplaces and events. They don’t endeavor to fix clients — their goal is to help clients’ minds and bodies heal themselves.

“We’re passionate about what we do,” VanHuss said.