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San Antonio-Based Mexico League Team Disappears

October 31, 1996

SAN ANTONIO (AP) _ The San Antonio Tejanos went on what might be the longest road trip in sports history _ they have left the country and might not be planning to come back.

The Tejanos, the first U.S. team to play in the Basketball League of Mexico, relocated to an unknown city in Mexico, leaving behind unpaid bills and salaries, local officials say.

What is left of the Tejanos reportedly is moving around Mexico like a band of gypsies, checking in and out of hotels before anyone can find them.

Tejanos president Roy Zuniga of San Antonio said the basketball league owes him, other local team officials and players $23,492 in salaries and expenses for September and October.

On Tuesday, Zuniga sent a letter to Horacio Sanchez, the Governor of San Luis Potos, asking for assistance in collecting the debt from league president Rolando Munoz and treasurer Mario Zavala.

Prior to the season, Munoz and Zavala guaranteed all expenses would be paid, according to a contract signed by both parties in Mexico and San Antonio.

``They promised us everything,″ said Noe Medina, Tejanos general manager. ``They said they would do whatever it takes. They would get the gyms, publicity. We took it for granted, (because) it’s in writing.″

The Tejanos opened their season Aug. 22, but have not played in San Antonio since Oct. 8.

The team never had a permanent home in San Antonio, alternating between Woodlawn Gym and other local college and high school facilities.

Game times and dates were changed at the last minute, which made it difficult to attract more than a handful of fans.

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