Time for a new generation of leaders -- Mary Burke

February 16, 2019

Madison is a great city with even more potential. If we hope to address the challenges that stand in our way of becoming a truly great city for the next 50 or 100 years, we will need leadership that brings people together, particularly across racial lines.

I applaud the very capable candidates who have stepped forward. But the time is right for a new generation of leaders.

I am supporting Mo Cheeks for mayor, and Ananda Mirilli, Ali Muldrow and Kaleem Caire for the Madison School Board, because I believe Madison is strong enough, smart enough and open-minded enough to bring in new blood. Each of these candidates is dedicated, successful, educated and brings fresh perspectives.

I do not agree with some of these candidates’ positions, but that is a good thing. If we agree on fundamental values and vision, differences of perspectives bring fresh ideas and build bridges.

Madison’s success is clear in our economic growth and quality of life. Our challenges are also clear in our shocking disparities. Let’s build on our success, bridge our divides and support leadership that helps make us a truly great city.

Mary Burke, Madison