Don’t believe deceptive attack ads -- Don Johnson

September 18, 2018

To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, “Attack ads are the last refuge of scoundrels.”

This gubernatorial election season has brought forth an unprecedented barrage of TV ads with the intent to assassinate the character of a good and honest man: Tony Evers. They are, for the most part, produced and paid for by a cadre of wealthy out-of-state Republican donors. With no doubt, they are intended to advance the re-election of Gov. Scott Walker.

These ads are filled with an explosion of half-truths, innuendo, deception, dishonesty, distortion, mendacity, hogwash and even a touch of porn. They are not to be believed.

The producers of these misleading ads -- and the beneficiary, Gov. Walker -- need to answer three simple questions for the benefit of Wisconsin voters:

Have you no decency?Have you no honor?Are you so desperate to win?

Any candidate who is associated with this kind of destructive “electioneering” is not worthy of a single vote.

Don Johnson, Madison

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