Lee, Ogle and Whiteside County property transfers: Jan. 19, 2019

January 19, 2019

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of Jan. 7

Warranty deeds

William K. Lilly to Timothy P. Lilly, 1400 First Ave. and 201 W. 14th St., both in Rock Falls, $96,500.

Edward A. and Karen Kay Anderson to James W. Jr. and Samantha Moesch, 14930 Melinda Drive, Morrison, $165,500.

Dale H. Weber Trust to Linda L. Johnson, two parcels in Garden Plain Township, $0.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Ahmad R. Farraj, 1507 Dillon Ave., Sterling, $8,500.

Joan Dorothy Kelly to Tim Commisso, 1301 Harvey Drive, Sterling, $13,000.

Robert L. and Nancy J. Shambaugh to Calvin A. Jansma, 414 E. Wall St., Morrison, $37,500.

Jesus N. and Nora M. Serrano to Monica D. Moreno and Maria Elizabeth Gonzalez Ornelas, 706 E. 16th St., Sterling, $69,500.

Harry A. and Mildred P. Peterson to Jody M. and Maggie A. Young, 30809 Thome Road, Rock Falls, $36,500.

Alan L. and Donna I. Geerts to Kophamer & Blean Property Management, 302 S. Base St., Morrison, $45,000.

Edward and Shelly Muncy to Stone Financing LLC, 1901 Dixon Road, Rock Falls, $162,500.

Bdtk LLC to Zachary P. Benson and Maribel Vargas Aguilar, 510 12th Ave., Sterling, $46,200.

John and Josette Barker to Jason A. Weinrich, 812 Locust St., Sterling, $125,000.

Marlene J. Edwards estate to Akija Akiti, 110 W. 16th St., Rock Falls, $16,000.

Quit claim deeds

Jennifer L. Zuithoff to Mark W. Zuithoff, 301 W. 13th St., Sterling, $0.

Nicole M. Benitez to Brian M. Benitez, 1102 Parkview Drive, Rock Falls, $0.

Shelley Dir to Reese M. Hartman, 24814 Genesee Road, Sterling, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Carolyn Jane Darby Trust to Bruce W. Darby, 208 W. Wall St., Morrison, $0.

Judge’s deed

Whiteside County circuit judge and David J. and Karen S. Dailey to city of Rock Falls, 1006 Ave. A, Rock Falls, $0.

Whiteside County circuit judge, Jason A. Witherow and estate of Kelly M. Witherow to city of Rock Falls, 200 1/2 E. Fourth St., Rock Falls, $0.

Trust deed

Timothy P. Lilly, William J. Lilly, trustee, to William J. Lilly, 1400 First Ave. and 201 W. 14th St., both in Rock Falls, $96,750.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of Jan. 7

Warranty deeds

Zachary J. Sitter to Ryan E. Buskohl, 720 N. Dixon Ave., Dixon, $108,000.

Tris Brumbly to Kimberly and Robert Moore, 123 Middle St., Franklin Grove, $18,000.

Bank of America to Larry E. Steder, 1184 Bay Drive, Dixon, $35,000.

Steven R. and Susan M. Kested to Amanda R. and James K. Coleman, 703 Maytown Road, Ohio, $40,000.

Kay Lee to Nora Serrano, 551 Meadow Lane, Dixon, $147,000.

Beatrice A. and John L. Cruise to Amanda M. and Brian D. Blaine, one parcel in East Grove Township, $240,000.

Darrell L. and Paula Gilbert to Patrick McIntyre, 1840 W. First St., Dixon, $35,000; and 1844W. First St., Dixon, $17,000.

Joseph D. Griser to Shane M. Albert, 1203 and 1201 Washington Ave., Dixon, $106,500.

James Dewey to Joshua Egyed and Megan Knight, 1808 Hillison Road, Amboy, $135,000.

Cruz Delgado to Jesus O. Aguilera, block 10, lot 85, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

Jasper Farms LLC to Susan M. Jasper, 1358 state Route 38, Franklin Grove, $95,000.

Jasper Farms LLC to Rock River Gathering Grounds LLC, 1358 state Route 38, Franklin Grove, $70,000.

Quit claim deeds

Dixon Park District to Lydia C. Doty and Zachary Sitter, one parcel in Dixon Township, $0.

Diana Lynn Clairmont, Shelia Rene Clairmont, and the late Antoine L. Clairmont to Diane Lynn and Sheila Rene Clairmont, 1478 Sterling Road, Amboy, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Cox Family Trust, Floyd R. Cox, trustee, to Tris G. Brumbly, 123 Middle St., Franklin Grove, $0.

Marcea E. Nelson Trust, Gary G. Maves, successor trustee, to Brenda S. Kanzler, 1022 Highland Ave., Dixon, $63,000.


Brett Bryant, Judge Daniel A. Fish, and Who Else to Douglas Stern, one parcel in Willow Creek Township, $0.

The late Candace K. Rezner, Ray G. Rezner, independent executor, to Kimberly K. Ray G., and William Rezner, one parcel in Dixon Township, $0.

Douglas W. Tabor, Lyle Dirks, sale officer, to Sterling Federal Bank, 307 S. Sixth St., Dixon, $0.

Transfer on death instrument

Robert Foster Thrasher to Roger R. Thrasher and Nadine K. Wickert, 217 E. Eighth St, Dixon, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

property transfers recorded Jan. 4-10

Warranty deeds

Steven J. Distefano to Steven J. Distefano and Christine E. Colombi, 6135 Oak Drive, Byron Township.

David A. Wiesner, to Eric M. Whalen, 704 Madison St., Oregon, $108,000.

Byron Bank to Martin A. Ramos, 108 S. Fourth St., Forreston, $16,000.

James L. and Patricia L. Coleman to Phillip and Kimberly Demik, 460 Mill Ridge Drive, Byron Township, $114,000.

Robert L. and Barbara A. Czernik to Yazmin E. Vega, 1599 W. Route 64, Rockvale Township, $215,000.

DeWayne C. Adams to Adam Greenwell, 111 W. Oak St., Holcomb, $53,000.

Citimortgage Inc. to Cristina and Juan M. Montemayor, 11009 W. Route 38, Flagg Township, $58,000.

Armando and Tomasa Sanchez to Ezequias and Katie R. Sanchez, 218 Irene Ave., Rochelle, $92,000.

Jeffrey L. and Kelly L. Hart to Seed Real Estate LLC,115 Sunny Hill Drive, Scott Township, $234,000.

Gerald J. Smith and Gerard J. Smith to Arthur Brantley and Julie Christian, 326 W. Merchant St., Byron, $116,000.

Velma V. Hoesly-Morall to Russell W. and Beth A. Gorsuch, 17882 E. Route 72, $287,500.

Susan M. Richardson to Michael W. and Colleen Carter, 4871 E. Ashelford Drive, Byron Township, $95,000.

Eric S. Bendler to Robert C. and Judith L. Mellon, 374 Red Trail Drive, Scott Township, $340,000.

Courtney N. Sell to Tonia L. Giese, 811 N. Crestview Trail, Byron Township, $86,500.

CGH Medical Center to Illinois Department of Transportation, for ADA sidewalk ramps at 707 S. Division Ave., Polo, $11,000.

Mahant Supermarket Inc. to Illinois Department of Transportation, for ADA sidewalk ramps at 205 S. Division Ave., Polo, $11,000.

Quit claim deeds

Carol J. Colbacchini to Carol J. and Jeanette M. Colbacchini, 158 Parkview Drive, Oregon.

Carol J. Colbacchini to Jeanette M. Colbacchini, 7.49 acres in Pine Creek Township.

Kenneth Sheely and Scott J. Stuebinger to Scott J. Stuebinger, 204 N. Locust Ave., Forreston.

Robert and Teresa L. Ashelford to Thomas R. Ashelford, 6175 N. Oak Drive, Byron Township.

James J. Miller to James J. Miller and Sandra Snyder, 3575 North Route 2, Oregon-Nashua Township.

Kathy S. Miller to Jill A. Miller, 156.85 acres in Taylor Township.

Warranty deed in trust

Haywell LLC-Haywell Enterprises to Justin L. and Anna M. Adolph as trustees under Justin L. Adolph Trust, South Westwood Avenue, Rochelle, $24,000.

Sheriff’s deeds

Ogle County sheriff and Allan F. Heaton Sr. to Citimortgage Inc., 11009 W. Route 38, Flagg Township.

Ogle County sheriff and Glenda McCarthy to Matthew E. and Christy A. Hand, 6346 E. Hales Corner Road, Marion Township, $53,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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