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Taiwan scandal linked to state stock investment

November 13, 2012

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Taiwanese authorities are investigating the operations of four state-owned funds that incurred huge losses on the local stock markets in the wake of a scandal involving one of them.

Premier Sean Chen said Tuesday financial regulators are looking into massive stock transactions made with money from the funds to try to detect any irregularities. The funds lost a total of 90 billion New Taiwan dollars ($3.1 billion) in stock trading last year.

Last week, prosecutors accused a dealer of ING Securities — a member of the ING Group — of breach of trust in handling stock investments on behalf of a government labor pension fund.

It charged Hsieh Ching-liang of buying into a listed company’s stock when its price was low, and then using government money to artificially inflate the stock’s price so he could make money on his original purchases.

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