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Clinton and many helping hands got Huang to DNC

July 10, 1997

Based on testimony at Wednesday’s Senate hearing on campaign fund-raising abuses, there were a number of boosters _ from President Clinton on down _ who urged Democratic Party operatives to hire John Huang:

_August 1995, Little Rock, Ark., businessman Joe Giroir comes to the Democratic National Committee and urges DNC Chairman Don Fowler to hire Huang as a fund-raiser. Giroir is a partner with Huang’s former employer, Lippo, controlled by the Riady family of Indonesia, which has long-time ties to the Clintons.

_September 1995, Giroir hosts a get-together at a Washington hotel suite so that Fowler can meet James Riady. Sitting in on the meeting is Huang, as well as DNC Finance Director Richard Sullivan.

_Fall 1995, deputy White House chief of staff Harold Ickes twice contacts the DNC to tout Huang. And Giroir business associate Mark Middleton and long-time Clinton backer and millionaire Truman Arnold of Texarkana, Texas, also push Huang to the DNC.

_Nov. 8, 1995, President Clinton contacts DNC Finance Chairman Marvin Rose to put in a good word for Huang.

_Nov. 13, 1995, Huang gets a job interview with DNC officials and is hired.

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