Taxi ridership in city is up

January 18, 2019

Ridership on the city shared-ride taxi service increased in 2018 compared with 2017, according to the Transit Commission meeting on Tuesday.

“We ended the year on a positive note, that our ridership was more than it was in 2017, which is a good trend,” Chairwoman Jennie Fox said. “Each month we had more than we had in 2017.”

A total of 102,583 rides were given in 2018 and 98,517 rides were given in 2017.

“With our ridership numbers, the way they are right now, we don’t feel like there’s a need to raise the price for taking a ride,” Fox said.

Fox said the increase of ridership could be because of the weather.

“People don’t want to walk as much because of the rain, cold and conditions,” she said.

Ridership also increases during the early months of the school year. Fox said the highest months in ridership for 2018 were October with 10,064 rides given and November with 9,502 rides given. October 2018 increased by 1,100 and by 900 in November.

About 16,000 children rode to and from school and over 39,000 people who were elderly or handicapped rode in 2018.

“We’re looking forward to 2019 to see if statistics hold true and keep increasing,” Fox said. “That’s our goal.”

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