Florence One schools expanding tech initiative

January 13, 2019

FLORENCE, S.C. – After the launch of Imagine Forward, the 1:1 technology initiative in Florence One Schools, in grades three through five, the district is expanding the initiative to second and sixth grades this month.

The district was able to bring sixth and second grades into the 1:1 initiative as a result of repositioning Chromebooks that the district already owned prior to Imagine Forward, and Superintendent Richard O’Malley purchased more Chromebooks for the district to use.

The Chromebooks have been distributed to the different schools

Technology director Kyle Jones said the laptops will be completely distributed to students within the next week and a half.

“We’ve got many ambitious initiatives over the next 24 months,” Jones said.

While the students were gone for winter break, the technology department got the Chromebooks ready for students to use by putting them in cases, installing security programs and tagging them for students.

Some schools have already received Chromebooks in second and sixth grades and have started using them for classroom lessons.

Andrew Enzor, a second-grade teacher at Dewey L. Carter Elementary School, has begun using Freckle, a program in which students have reading assignments that are catered to each student’s individual level.

Each student has the same reading assignment, and the program assesses at what level the student reads and then adjusts the material to match his or her level.

“Don’t say that old dogs can’t learn new tricks because this is year 31, and this has been amazing the difference from then to now and what I’ve learned,” Enzor said.

At Royall Elementary School several teachers said the expansion of Imagine Forward was seamless – just as the initial rollout went.

Royall Elementary School sixth-grader Kaleb Burroughs said he was excited to have the Chromebooks because he would be able to use the same technology at home that he uses in the classroom at school.

Sixth-grader Katya Vereschchagina said she is excited for the opportunity to use her math textbook online, which will her give her the opportunity to highlight multiple passages and do practice problems over and over.

Next year, Jones said, the district will provide devices for kindergarten, first, seventh and eighth grades. After those four grades are added, the district will get devices in the three high schools.

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