Lauren Jauregui is told she’s too intense

December 18, 2018

Lauren Jauregui gets told she is too “intense” at times.

The ‘Work From Home’ singer is very “aware and conscious” about the world and won’t be shy about sharing her own opinions, but says that leads to some people thinking she is too intense.

Speaking about being told she’s too intense, she shared: “Oh, yeah. That definitely happens a lot but I don’t gravitate toward those people. If you’re not aware and conscious, or don’t care about being aware and conscious, that’s not my personal cup of tea as far as someone to hang out with. I don’t even like going to the club, and that’s where those people usually hang out. I can’t be friends with someone or engage with someone intimately that doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about everyone’s right to life. That’s just not in my capacity anymore. I’ve grown too far beyond that.”

And the 22-year-old singer feels she has a “huge role in shaping people’s energies and thoughts” as she is famous.

She told Billboard: “I had always since I was very little contemplated the world and the systems at play. Artists have a huge role in shaping people’s energies and thoughts - that’s why I gravitated toward being one.”

Meanwhile, Lauren previously revealed how she thinks it is “such an incredible time to be a woman in music” and praised them for breaking down barriers and smashing ceilings.

She said: “It’s such an incredible time to be a woman in music. I think there are a lot of barriers that are being broken and a lot of ceilings that are being smashed by some incredible women that I have the honour of honouring tonight.”

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