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New Meal Planned for Food-Throwing Inmates

July 5, 1991

ANGOLA, La. (AP) _ Prison inmates at the Louisiana State Penitentiary who throw food at guards may soon be served splatter-proof mystery loaves.

The proposal is aimed at problem inmates held in a discipline camp at the prison. Under the plan submitted by state officials to a federal judge, all ingredients in a meal would be mixed together and baked in a loaf.

Keith Nordyke, an attorney representing inmates in a lawsuit over prison conditions, is willing to give the loaf a try.

″The food loaf is not as disgusting to deal with as wet food and if thrown, will bounce off″ the security officer, Nordyke wrote in a legal brief filed June 14.

Nordyke said he tasted a food loaf prepared from the ingredients of a spaghetti meal.

″It tasted like spaghetti,″ he said. ″It wasn’t good to look at, but it wasn’t bad to eat.″

Angola Warden John Whitley said the loaves are ″basically the same meal that any inmate in this prison would have.″

″The idea is not to make the food bad,″ Whitley said. ″The idea is if you throw food on an officer, we’re going to give you something that won’t splatter.″

If approved, the plan would go into effect 30 days after inmates receive copies, Whitley said.

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