Some Lake City residents eligible for energy-efficiency program

September 13, 2018

LAKE CITY, S.C. – Some Lake City residents are eligible to participate in the Duke Energy Progress Neighborhood Energy Saver Program. The income-based energy efficiency program is designed to teach customers how their homes use energy and how they can lower their electric bills.

Program manager Evans Taylor spoke at Tuesday’s Lake City City Council meeting and said he is excited about the opportunity to bring the program to Lake City.

Taylor said the Neighborhood Energy Saver Program involves three areas.

“First of all, we do an assessment at the home pretty much to identify those things that our measures can be applied to,” Taylor said. “And secondly, we will actually install up to 16 different energy-efficiency measures in the homes.”

Third, Duke Energy Progress will spend time talking about energy education. Taylor said that quite often, customers would ask what was causing the fluctuation in their energy bills and why different things would affect their energy costs.

“So the program was designed to give them education about this while also giving them some assistance,” Taylor said.

Federal poverty guidelines are used in determining whether a neighborhood is eligible to participate in the Neighborhood Energy Saver Program.

Approximately 1,900 homes in a neighborhood in Lake City qualify for the program at no cost, Taylor said.

“We put in up to 15 energy-efficiency lightbulbs,” Taylor said. “We wrap water heaters and pipes. We do energy-efficient shower heads.”

Participants are also given thermometers for refrigerators to determine electricity use, among other items. Taylor said the Duke Energy Progress hopes to be in Lake City for three to four months for the Neighborhood Energy Saver Program.

A kickoff event for the program will be held at 6 p.m. Sept. 25 at Lake City High School.

During Tuesday’s meeting, the council passed on final reading an ordinance that approves the negotiations and contract award for a lighting project on Blanding Street to MUSCO sports lighting. Lake City Deputy City Administrator Daniel Driggers said the project is $217,000 and is funded through a grant from the Doctors Bruce & Lee Foundation.

The council also approved the first reading of several ordinances:

>> Ordinance 2018.480 – An ordinance approving the adoption of the Municipal Association Recovery of Collection Costs as part of the delinquent debts collected pursuant to the Set-Off Debt Collection Act.

>> Ordinance 2018.481 – An ordinance approving the negotiation and contract award for the Wallace Street Water Tank repair project to Scott I. enterprise LLC for an amount not to exceed $330,000.

>> Ordinance 2018.482 – An ordinance to amend the prior ordinance to levy taxes and establish a municipal budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2018 and ending June 30, 2019. The ordinance is amended to increase the prior appropriation by $408,900 for the SCADA System project.

>> Ordinance 2018.484 – And ordinance endorsing the submission of a grant application to the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration and the South Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority for the failed force main replacement project.

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