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Report: ‘Ellen’ Star Considers Kids

October 1, 1997

PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ First, she came out of the closet. Now, Ellen DeGeneres and her live-in girlfriend are talking children.

``For a long time, I wanted a baby. But right now, I’m too selfish. I just can’t,″ the star of the ABC sitcom ``Ellen″ said in the Oct. 11 edition of ``TV Guide.″ That may be all right with her girlfriend, Anne Heche, who wants to be the one to have their child.

``Yeah, Ann usually gets what she wants,″ DeGeneres said, laughing.

DeGeneres said she doesn’t regret coming out of the closet, both in person and on her show. But she does have mixed feelings about coming back for what she hopes will be the show’s last season.

``I never wanted to be the poster child″ for lesbianism, she said. ``I just can’t be the gay girl all the time. It’s only part of who I am.″

ABC entertainment president Jamie Tarses agreed, saying earlier this year that the show wouldn’t be ``the lesbian dating show.″ But DeGeneres took exception when Tarses said the show would take ``baby steps.″

``It’s like they’re saying, `OK, you’re gay, and we’re tolerating this, but don’t show us how you really would be, don’t kiss a girl on the lips.″

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