New recording in Ridge Motor Inn homicide case postpones hearing

August 10, 2018

Discovery of a new, improved recording of a police interrogation of Kevin Karl Krueger in a homicide case has led to the postponement of a planned motion hearing set for Friday in Columbia County Circuit Court.

The recording is a composite of a video that had poor audio quality and a separate audio-only recording made by police. The composite recording only recently surfaced.

Krueger, 53, who is charged with first-degree intentional homicide, possession of a firearm by a felon, possession of narcotics and stalking, was scheduled for a motion hearing Friday morning, which has since been removed from the court calendar.

Krueger is accused of shooting his wife, Tracy Hill Krueger, 41, on the morning of Feb. 15, 2016, outside the Ridge Motor Inn in Portage. The two were scheduled for a divorce hearing later that week.

Public defense attorney Ronald Benavides, appearing with fellow defense attorney Tristan Eagon on Thursday proposed a scheduling change based on the new development.

Judge W. Andrew Voigt agreed.

“Tomorrow’s hearing may be premature given new developments,” he said.

Assistant District Attorney Mary Ellen Karst told Voigt that she had only recently been assigned the case, taking it from District Attorney Jane Kohlwey.

The audio quality for a video recording of Krueger’s interrogation by police is poor, but Det. Daniel Garrigan had a separate audio recording that he made of the interview. The two recordings have since been combined with noise reduced and answers amplified.

“I got that either late last week or early this week,” Karst said.

A transcript from the video has been updated, with portions previously marked as “inaudible” filled in.

The attorneys agreed a 10-day trial scheduled from Jan. 14-25 likely still would work for the case.

All pre-trial motions are due Sept. 28 as originally scheduled. A hearing is set to take place Nov. 16 to discuss what evidence will be allowed at trial.

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