West Deer to plow two more state roads this winter

September 8, 2018
West Deer Township municipal offices.

Two additional stretches of state roads will be added to this winter’s maintenance agreement between PennDOT and West Deer Township.

The supervisors agreed Wednesday to add Creighton-Russellton Road and Butler-Logan (Old Airport) Road to an existing list of ten state roads that PennDOT will pay West Deer to have township crews salt and plow.

Township Manager Dan Mator said supervisors actually agreed to add the roads last year after the initial agreement was approved. He said Jeff Fleming, then the supervisors chairman, signed the agreement in December or January.

However, he and Supervisor Joyce Romig said the township’s roads committee agreed to wait and see if PennDOT would do a better job maintaining the roads but the supervisors were not satisfied with the results..

Tim Claypool of PennDOT’s winter maintenance department said those roads are “Priority 3” roads, those with the lowest priority for PennDOT’s winter maintenance crews.

When asked about the maintenance for a stretch of Route 910 from Cedar Ridge Road near the Rose Ridge Golf Course to Campbell Road, Claypool said he, personally, considers Route 910 a “Priority 1” road but there are others with even higher priority during snow storms.

“Whenever we have a large storm, I have to keep Route 28 and Route 8 open,” he said.

Last year, PennDOT paid the township a total of $53,000 to maintain ten state roads amounting to about 60 lane miles (30 miles in each direction), according to Mator.

He said this year that amount appears to be slightly less even though the addition of the two roads will add another eight lane miles to what township crews will maintain.

Other roads on the list include:

Little Deer Creek Road from the West Deer Indian line to Bakerstown Road; Cedar Ridge Road from Middle Road to Gibsonia Road; Russellton/Dorseyville Road from Saxonburg Boulevard to Rich Hill Road; Oak Road from Gibsonia Road to Bryson Road; Bryson Road from Oak Road to Mountain View road; Mill Dam Road from the Turnback section to Rich Hill Road; Mountain View Road/Starz Road from Gibsonia Road to Saxonburg Boulevard; Rich Hill road/East Union Road from Mill Dam Road to Starr Road; East Union Road from Starr Road to Saxonburg Boulevard; and Starr Road from East Union Road to Little Deer Creek Road.

The supervisors will vote on the list of roads and the final winter agreement at their Sept. 19 meeting.

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