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Bonnie Remnants Spread Rain; Thunderstorms Scattered in West

June 27, 1986

Undated (AP) _ The remnants of Hurricane Bonnie spread heavy rain and thunderstorms across sections of Texas and Louisiana today while thunderstorms were scattered in the West.

Elsewhere, thunderstorms ranged across the southern Rockies and from southern Montana into northwest Nevada and southern Oregon.

Overnight, 3 to 6 inches of rain drenched northwestern Louisiana, causing street flooding in Shreveport and Bossier City.

A flash flood warning was posted for northeastern Texas, where 3 inches of rain fell as the remnants of Bonnie drifted to the north.

A narrow band of showers and thunderstorms extended from southwestern Iowa to southeastern New Mexico, and heavy rain also fell in Wisconsin, with more than 2 inches reported in Milwaukee

Heavy thunderstorms ranged across the Midwest Thursday evening, spawning tornadoes.

In Bottineau County, N.D., authorities said at least eight farms were damaged Thursday when a tornado ripped through about eight miles of the countryside. The National Weather Service said 70 mph winds and golfball- to baseball-sized hail accompanied the storm system.

A pregnant woman was pinned in the wreckage of her mobile home near Bottineau, destroyed by the tornado, and was hospitalized for cuts and bruises and observation. Jill Vandal, 29, said today that doctors told her that the fetus was unhurt.

Road and power company crews cleaned up from a tornado that hit near the northern Michigan village of Thompsonville, state police said.

The tornado knocked over the two mobile homes, authorities said. ″There was a family in a mobile home when it tipped over but they were unhurt,″ said state police Sgt. Ted Hardley in Traverse City.

″We weren’t under a tornado watch,″ Hardley said. ″It was just one of those freak things that come out of the sky and quickly dissipate.″

Another tornado hit near Sparta, Wis., Thursday night as a storm system moved through the northern and central parts of the state.

The tornado destroyed some farm buildings, uprooted trees and knocked out power, but there were no reports of injuries there either, authorities said.

″I would estimate it had a trail of probably six to seven miles,″ said Gordon Stelter, director of the Monroe County Emergency Government.

Today’s forecast called for showers and thunderstorms from the lower Mississippi Valley across the Tennessee Valley, over the Florida Peninsula and across the Great Lakes region; thunderstorms widely scattered from the middle Mississippi Valley across the Ohio Valley; and rain likely across northern New England and upstate New York.

Highs will be in the 60s to 70s in northern New England, northern Michigan and along the Pacific Coast; 100 to 115 over the California San Joaquin Valley and the desert Southwest; and 80s to 90s across most of the rest of the nation.

Temperatures around the nation at 3 a.m. EDT ranged from 42 degrees at Limestone, Maine, to 98 at Phoenix, Ariz.

Other reports:

-East: Atlanta 78 fair; Boston 65 cloudy; Buffalo 69 cloudy; Charleston, S.C., 78 fair; Cincinnati 68 partly cloudy; Cleveland 65 partly cloudy; Detroit 69 partly cloudy; Miami 77 partly cloudy; New York 68 partly cloudy; Pittsburgh 63 fair; Portland 58 cloudy; Washington 70 fair.

-Central: Bismarck 67 fair; Chicago 78 hazy; Dallas-Fort Worth 77 fair; Denver 64 fair; Des Moines 80 hazy; Indianapolis 72 cloudy; Kansas City 80 windy; Minneapolis-St. Paul 76 partly cloudy; Nashville 72 fair; New Orleans 79 fair; St. Louis 82 hazy.

-West: Albuquerque 69 partly cloudy; Anchorage 52 cloudy; Las Vegas 93 fair; Los Angeles 62 fair; Phoenix 98 fair; Salt Lake City 72 fair; San Diego 65 fair; San Francisco 57 fair; Seattle 63 fair.

-Canada: Montreal 61 cloudy; Toronto 66 partly cloudy.

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