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Gemayel Meets Kohl and Genscher, Seeks Aid

September 7, 1985

MUNICH, West Germany (AP) _ Lebanese President Amin Gemayel asked Chancellor Helmut Kohl on Friday for European Common Market economic aid for his war-torn Middle East nation, Bonn government sources said.

Kohl said his foreign minister, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, would visit Beirut in November to discuss Common Market support for Lebanon, which has been ravaged by 10 years of civil war.

Gemayel also asked for Bonn’s diplomatic help in getting the last Israeli soldiers out of southern Lebanon. Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 to crush the Palestine Liberation Organization. It withdrew most of its soldiers last June, but a few remain in a so-called border security zone.

Gemayel, 43, arrived in Munich Thursday evening. On Friday, he attended a birthday party for Bavarian governor Franz Josef Strauss, who turned 70. He also met with President Richard von Weizsaecker, whose post is largely ceremonial.

During his 30-minute meeting with Kohl and Genscher, Gemayel asked West Germany to use its influence with the other nine Common Market nations to gain economic assistance for Lebanon, said government sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Kohl told Gemayel that Lebanon would find peace only when foreign interference in that country stops, the sources added.

″The West German government has a positive attitude toward Lebanon and I think we shall find ways to help Lebanon,″ Gemayel said in an interview with Radio Luxembourg.

In his 45-minute meeting with Strauss, Gemayel asked the conservative politician to try to get Israel to complete its withdrawal and to secure economic aid for Lebanon. The two also discussed the situation of Lebanese Christians, sources close to Strauss said. They gave no details.

A close associate of Gemayel, who also demanded anonmyity, said Gemayel was upset when Genscher visited Middle East leaders last week to discuss the Lebanon crisis without stopping in Beirut.

Genscher met with Syrian President Hafez Assad, the real power broker in Lebanon, during a visit to Damascus. He also traveled to Kuwait and Egypt.

The associate quoted Gemayel as saying, ″If Germany doesn’t come to me, I go to Germany,″ It was then that Gemayel’s visit was arranged.

This was Gemayel’s first trip to West Germany since becoming president three years ago. He is to fly to Bonn on Saturday and visit the southern town of Saarbruecken before flying back to Munich on Tuesday for more talks with Strauss, Lebanese officials accompanying Gemayel said.

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