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Paraplegic Mother Who Rescued Baby Deluged by Media

October 15, 1986

EL MIRAGE, Calif. (AP) _ A paraplegic who threw herself into the family pool, wheelchair and all, to rescue her 17-month-old daughter says she has been deluged with calls from the news media ever since.

″We’re overwhelmed by this,″ said Cindy Dunlop. ″It’s a flash in the pan, and it’s kind of fun while it lasts. But I can see how it could get tiring real fast.″

The calls from television, radio, newspaper and magazine interviewers have been too numerous to count since the Oct. 7 rescue, she said. The family even postponed a camping trip to handle all the calls.

Mrs. Dunlop, who has been paralyzed from the chest down since an automobile accident 11 years ago, said her daughter fell in the pool after she left her in the yard briefly to answer the telephone in the garage.

The mother immediately threw herself into the water, swam to the baby, placed her on the side of the pool and gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

She got the baby breathing and then dragged herself on her back to the phone to call for help, keeping her baby on her lap for part of the way. Both mother and baby were fine by the time paramedics arrived.

″We thought this would be a nice little story for the local newspaper, and we were very happy with it,″ said her husband, Ron. ″But all of a sudden we were getting phone calls from all over the country.″

″Anyone who knows Cindy isn’t surprised by the story,″ he added. ″I think a lot of it is misconception of what a parapalegic is.″

Mrs. Dunlop rides horses, swims efficiently, and has ″never found anything she wanted to do that she couldn’t,″ her husband said.

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