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Q&A: He’s trying to run world’s fastest marathon _ backward

March 25, 2018

BOSTON (AP) — A Los Angeles lawyer has embarked on a singular, if odd, quest: At next month’s Boston Marathon, he’ll attempt to break the world record for running the distance backward.

Loren Zitomersky (zit-oh-MUR’-skee) is known on social media as “Backwards Guy.” He’s trying to raise money and awareness for a cure for epilepsy, which killed a brother he never had a chance to meet.

A runner from China has held the backward marathon record since 2004.

Zitomersky says backward running is as difficult as it sounds. He says it takes 33 percent more energy and effort than forward running.

And it can hurt. Zitomersky has slammed straight into trees he didn’t see, and he’s taken plenty of nasty falls.

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