HS GOLF: Carbondale Area Drops Mid Valley

August 21, 2018

Ian Fedorchak and Noah Newcomb swept three points in the first group to lead Carbondale Area to a 6½-2½ win over Mid Valley in a Division II match on the opening day of the Lackawanna League golf season Monday on the back nine at Panorama.

Mariah Minter had two wins for Mid Valley.

Individuals: Ian Fedorchak (CAR) over Albert Kausmyer, 5 and 3; Noah Newcomb (CAR) over Adam Beradelli , 3 and 2; Colin Virkitis (CAR) over Shane Rosencrans, 5 and 3; Pat Durkin (CAR) over Adam Jackson, 3 and 2; Mariah Minter (MV) over Marino DePalma, 1-up; Stone Wormuth (CAR) and Bobby Zelinski (MV) split.

Better-ball: Fedorchak-Newcomb over Kausmyer-Beradelli, 5 and 3; Virkitis-Durkin over Rosencrans-Jackson, 5 and 3; Minter-Zelinski over DePalma-Wormuth, 1-up.

Records: CAR 1-0, MV 0-1.

Lackawanna Trail 4½

Mountain View 4½

At Rock Creek, Ben DeMark and Matt Schwartztrauber swept three points in the final group to earn a split for Mountain View.

Andrew Kazmierczak and J.P. Gilroy each had two wins for Lackawanna Trail.

Individuals: Andrew Kazmierczak (LT) over Collin Sam, 5 and 4; Adam Jones (LT) and Johnny Johnson (MV) split; J.P. Gilroy (LT) over Travis St. Clair, 5 and 3; Thomas Johnson (MV) over Nathan Wescott, 4 and 2; Ben DeMark (MV) over Josh Rzucidlo, 2-up; Matt Schwartztrauber (MV) over Luke Baldwin, 5 and 4.

Better-ball: Kazmierczak-Jones over Sam-J. Johnson, 4 and 3; Gilroy-Wescott over St. Clair-T. Johnson, 2 and 1; DeMark-Schwartztrauber over Rzucidlo-Baldwin, 3 and 2.

Records: LT 0-0-1, MV 0-0-1.

Holy Cross 5, Forest City 3

At Sleepy Hollow, Mathias Boles and Colin Walsh swept three points in the first group to lead Holy Cross.

Henry Nebzydoski shot 1-over and earned two wins for Forest City.

Individuals: Mathias Boles (HC) over Robert Swegel, 5 and 4; Colin Walsh (HC) over Abby Swegel, 4 and 3; Jordan McAndrew (HC) over Lucas O’Neill, 3 and 2; Zach Striefski (FC) over Taylor Mendicino, 1-up; Henry Nebzydoski (FC) over Declan Tokash, 2 and 1.

Better-ball: Boles-Walsh over R. Swegel-A. Swegel, 5 and 4; McAndrew-Mendicino over O’Neill-Striefski, 2 and 1; Nebzydoski over Tokash, 3 and 2.

Records: HC 1-0, FC 0-1.

Montrose 7, Elk Lake 2

At Tall Pines, Riley Brown and Gabby Baker swept three points in the middle group to lead Montrose.

Jason Mowry had two wins for Elk Lake.

Individuals: Jason Mowry (EL) over A.J. Dovan, 4 and 3; Jared Corson (MON) over Nate Sheldon, 3 and 2; Riley Brown (MON) over Nate Warriner, 5 and 4; Gabby Baker (MON) by forfeit; Isaac Walker (MON) over Colby Baker, 4 and 2; Alexis Hawley (MON) by forfeit.

Better-ball: Mowry-Sheldon over Dovan-Corson, 3 and 1; Brown-Baker over Warriner, 5 and 4; Walker-Hawley over Baker, 4 and 2.

Records: MON 1-0, EL 0-1.

Western Wayne 8, Dunmore 1

At Red Maples, Ian Firmstone and Jacob McCormack both shot 38 to lead Western Wayne.

Frank Ruggiero won

his individual match for Dunmore.

Individuals: Johnny Barcarola (WW) over Will McHale, 2 and 1; Frank Ruggiero (DUN) over Robert Carey, 2 and 1; Connor Kwiatkowski (WW) over Cole Blasko, 2-up; Jacob McCormack (WW) over Jake McNeff, 3 and 1; Ian Firmstone (WW) over Owen Haggerty, 2 and 1; Hunter Frable (WW) over Alec DeSando, 1-up.

Better-ball: Barcarola-Carey over McHale-Ruggiero, 1-up; Kwiatkowski-McCormack over Blasko-McNeff, 2 and 1; Firmstone-Frable over Haggerty-DeSando, 2-up.

Records: WW 1-0, DUN 0-1.

Scranton Prep 9, Riverside 0

On the front nine at Scranton Muni, Matt Tressler shot a 1-over-par 37 to win his individual match, while he added a win in better-ball for the Cavaliers.

Individuals: Colin Ennis over Sam Hartman, 4 and 3; Michael Lynch over Kyle Puchalski, 4 and 3; M.J. Spivala over Todd Monahan, 5 and 4; Michael Sewack over Hunter Geise, 5 and 4; Matt Tressler over Noah Berkoski, 5 and 4; Jake Kosierowski over Carl Walsh, 5 and 4.

Better-ball: Ennis-Lynch over Hartman-Puchalski, 4 and 3; Spivala-Sewack over Monahan-Geise, 5 and 4; Tressler-Kosierowski over Berkoski-Walsh, 5 and 4.

Records: SP 1-0, RIV 0-1.

Old Forge 4½, Blue Ridge 4½

On the back nine at Golden Oak, Nick Gallagher and Jordan Kelley each had two wins for Old Forge in a split.

Kevin Silfee and Tyler Hillard won three points in the first group for Blue Ridge.

Individuals: Kevin Silfee (BR) over Hayden Jones, 3 and 2; Tyler Hillard (BR) over Andrew Cummings, 4 and 3; Nick Gallagher (OF) over Preston Perry, 4 and 3; Andrew Scott (BR) over Chris Sickle, 3 and 1; Jordan Kelley (OF) over Kyle Spoller, 5 and 3; Colby Yaros (OF) and Jake Dowton (BR) split.

Better-ball: Silfee-Hillard over Jones-Cummings, 5 and 4; Gallagher-Sickle over Perry-Scott, 2 and 1; Kelley-Yaros over Spoller-Dowton, 4 and 3.

Records: OF 0-0-1, BR 0-0-1.

Wallenpaupack 7, North Pocono 2

At Elmhurst Country Club, Jack Mowatt had two birdies and shot a career-best 35 to lead Wallenpaupack to a Division I win.

Steve McNulty won his individual match for North Pocono.

Individuals: Alex Pillar (WAL) over Jack Claney, 4 and 3; Steve McNulty (NP) over Trevor Reginski, 3 and 2; Alex Davies (WAL) over Jake Millan, 3 and 2; Danny Evans (NP) and Evan Reginski (WAL) split; Jack Mowatt (WAL) over Bill Pabst, 3 and 2; Nick Hamer (WAL) over Logan Rose, 3 and 2.

Better-ball: Pillar-T. Reginski over Claney-McNulty, 1-up; Davies-E. Reginski and Millan-Evans split; Mowatt-Hamer over Pabst-Rose, 3 and 2.

Records: WAL 1-0, NP 0-1.

Honesdale 9, Scranton 0

At Honesdale Golf Club, Ben Williams birdied Nos. 2 and 4 and Luke Flederbach and Cole Bannan each had one birdie to lead Honesdale.

Justin Arthur birdied

Nos. 2 and 3 for Scranton.

Individuals: Ben Williams over Justin Arthur, 1-up; Max Land over Ryan Wozniak, 4 and 2; Will Long over Patrick McCormack, 4 and 2; Cole Bannan over Nino Carachilo, 5 and 3; Luke Flederbach over Matthew Prothero, 5 and 4; Jack Hopkins over Aidan Whitman, 5 and 4.

Better-ball: Williams-Land over Arthur-Wozniak, 1-up; Long-Bannan over McCormack-Carachilo, 4 and 3; Flederbach-Hopkins over Prothero-Whitman, 5 and 4.

Records: HON 1-0, SCR 0-1.

Abington Heights 9

West Scranton 0

On the back nine at Pine Hills, Daniel Flickinger and Andrew Kirtley shot 1-under in better-ball to lead Abington Heights.

Flickinger and Will Brown each had two birdies for the Comets.

Steve Tabone shot 39 for West Scranton.

Individuals: Troy Kelleher over Steve Tabone, 1-up; Will Brown over Jake Butka, 5 and 4; Daniel Flickinger over Connor Carlton, 5 and 3; Andrew Kirtley over Drew Yanni, 5 and 4; Nick Sebastinelli over Tyler Mychal, 5 and 4; Connor Kelleher over Justin Dorneman, 5 and 3.

Better-ball: T. Kelleher-Brown over Tabone-Butka, 3 and 2; Flickinger-Kirtley over Carlton-Yanni, 5 and 4; Sebastianelli-C. Kelleher over Mychal-Dorneman, 5 and 3.

Records: AH 1-0, WS 0-1.

Valley View 8, Delaware Valley 1

On the front nine at Scranton Muni, Dom Verrastro birdied No. 7 to seal his better-ball win for Valley View.

Franco Pazzaglia and Tony Carmadella each had a birdie for the Cougars.

Individuals: Franco Pazzaglia (VV) over Brian McKeen, 3 and 2; Tony Carmadella (VV) over Zach Zazzi, 4 and 3; Dom Verrsatro (VV) over Machias Magill, 3 and 1; Connor Kelley (VVO over Jack Laffy, 3 and 2; Jackson Shafer (DV) over Bob Craig, 2-up; Drew Higgins (VV) over Matt Salus, 5 and 4.

Better-ball: Pazzaglia-Carmadella over McKeen-Zazzi, 4 and 3; Verrastro-Kelley over Magill-Laffy, 3 and 2; Craig-Higgins over Shafer-Salus, 3 and 2.

Records: VV 1-0, DV 0-1.


Scranton Prep’s Sabrina Cimoch hit a 25-foot, downhill putt on No. 9 at Scott Greens Golf Course to split her individual match with Maddie Franceski and clinch her better-ball win, and help secure a 5-4 win over Holy Cross.

Individuals: Lily McCarey (SP) over Julie Goetz, 1-up; Sabrina Cimoch (SP) and Maddie Franceski (HC), split; Gigi Cerminaro (HC) over Mia Muchisky, 2 and 1; Marilyn Butler (SP) over Kaitlin Idhan, 3 and 2; Erin Pearsall (HC) over Samantha Zolin, 5 and 4; Maggie Dickson (SP) over Cate McGovern, 5 and 4.

Better ball: McCarey-Cimoch (SP) over Goetz-Franceski, 1-up; Muchinsky-Butler (SP) and Cerminaro-Idhan (HC), split; Pearsall-McGovern (HC) over Zolin-Dickson, 5 and 4.

Records: SP 1-0, HC 0-1.

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