EAST LANSDOWNE, Pa. (AP) _ Two men have been ordered to evacuate their home because of high levels of radon and radium discovered in the foundation of the house.

The radon levels were 25 times higher than normal and radiation was eight times higher than normal at the house, Environmental Protection Agency spokeswoman Leeanne Nurse told community residents Thursday night in a meeting at borough hall.

EPA officials discovered the problem while using a special van to survey the area within a 1.5-mile radius of a Lansdowne address where radioactive contamination was discovered this summer.

Ms. Nurse said two other contaminated areas will get immediate attention - mortar in the wall of a residential care facility in East Lansdowne and a section of sidewalk in Lansdowne. She said there are no health threats in those two areas.

Seven radioactive locations have been found in Lansdowne and East Lansdowne since 1986.

In the 1920s, a Lansdowne professor manufactured radium-tipped needles in the basement of his home. Cleanup of that site took almost four years and cost $12 million. Officials believe uranium ore processed at a Lansdowne warehouse may have been spread to other areas after being mixed with concrete or other materials.

Thomas Foglio, 37, owner of the house cited Thursday, bought it five years ago. He also recently purchased an adjacent lot to enhance his investment and estimated the property was worth at least $149,000.

He and his roommate, Doug Mirra, 36, worked hard to renovate the home, they said. They said they were in good health but that their Doberman pinscher has been sick.

Officials gave them a week to leave.

Ms. Nurse said more studies were needed to determine whether the house must be demolished. She said there was no immediate threat to people living near the house.

''It seems to be confined to the actual structure of that building and possibly the soil surrounding the property,'' she said.